"swiss folk music generally was passed down orally for centuries before someone finally wrote it down. it is the same with our dialects, which are officially not written but oral, and have changed over the ages. therefore, I take the liberty to change some lyrics, melodies and mostly rhythms, sometimes drastically and sometimes just a little bit.
"heimweh" (homesick) is a musical homage to my homeland, whose cultural and natural beauty I rediscovered while travelling abroad and living in new york city. let's call it a journey back to my roots, seasoned by all my musical influences from around the world." ELIANE

press quots

“ Swiss born and New York based musician Eliane demonstrates on this records how much fun traditional Swiss folkmusic can be. “
Berner Bär, Inside Magazin

“... Swiss traditional Songs infused with subtle jazziness by women’s voices. “ s’ Ramseyers “ arranged as Reggae, for example, is not only incredibly creative but also a bulls eye adaptation of the style.
Zürcher Oberländer, Extra

“ A trip around the world back to the roots - Eliane chooses a special approach to representing Switzerland’s diversity, which results in a, in many ways, out of the ordinary and fresh Swiss creation. “
Walliser Bote

“ Curtain call for Switzerland’s Power Voices.
Songs like „Ramseyers wei ga grase“, „Stets i Truure“, „Donna Donna“ or „Gang rüef de Gäle...“ all the sudden sound spiced up and far from boring. Tradition mixed with Girl Power and World Music. They yodel and groove... clarinet, alphorn and hackboard team up with human beat boxing, kazoo and electric guitar. Voices and beats merge and make ancient Swiss culture peppy. The same songs that made me yawn and roll my eyes back in my schooldays now sound global, sassy, fresh and modern. Instead of generations in conflict, old goes hand in hand with new - without any rejection. On the contrary, the result is a new symbiosis of culture, time and the language that everybody can understand : Music. “

“ the songs go down like ovoltine. Once you heard those “fidiri fidirallala’s you won’t be able to get them out of your head. “

“ Wienis gseit ha, wienis gmeint ha” is the actual proof that Swiss Folk music

rocks. “
Radio Rottu

“ Swiss listeners will be curious to hear these modern renditions of folkslieder such as S'isch mer alles eis ding, Ganteral and Guggisbaerger Lied, whereas American listeners will be introduced to this rich musical lore in familiar musical settings.  
Heimweh means homesickness, but it can also mean longing for some place you miss, not necessarily your homeland.  Swiss Miss have recorded an album that will make them feel connected to New York when in Switzerland and will always give a taste of a far off Swiss home when in New York. “
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TV Interviews

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  • watch the Kurt Aeschbacher Show on Swiss National TV from 9.18.08

Eliane Amherd

zog aus, um den Jazz zu lernen. Die Oberwalliserin ist in New York längst keine Unbekannte mehr. Wenn sie aufspielt, kommen die Kenner der Szene. Als Swissmiss interpretiert sie Schweizer Liedgut neu und begeistert damit nicht nur in Amerika und Argentinien.